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Monday, March 20, 2017

A Good Spot at the Beach is Hard to Find ...

 ... for Humans and Seals Alike!
Whether you're a sunbathing human or seal seeking rest and refuge from the ocean, a spot on the beach sure can be hard to find. Aerial photographer Mike Page snapped this photo of thousands of seals and cormorants on Scroby Sands, a shoal off the coast of Great Yarmouth in England.
Page, 76, was flying over the sea near Great Yarmouth when he spotted something unusual around Scroby Sands. "‘So I thought we’ll go and investigate – well thousands and thousands of seals," the pilot said to Metro. "I've never seen so many in 40 years of flying."
Can you guess how many seals there are selling seashells by the seashore?

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